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March 7, 2012


“Race More – Earn More”

BAKERSFIELD, CA – The SPEARS Southwest Tour Series proudly introduces a new program to reward teams that compete on a regular basis.  Teams that qualify for the “SPEARS Frequent Flyer Program” will receive up to $1,000 just for starting a SPEARS Southwest Tour Series main event in 2012.

“Wayne and Connie Spears believe in this series,” stated the SRL’s Larry Collins.   “We have the best sponsor in all of short track racing, and they understand first hand the level of effort our teams put in to get to the track each race weekend.  Without the support of SPEARS Manufacturing, our series would not be where it is today.”

For teams of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series to be on of the “SPEARS Frequent Flyer Program”, they must run consecutive races.  The standard start money for a SPEARS Southwest Tour Series main event is $450.  Once a driver competes in two consecutive events, he or she will receive $600 in start money. After competing in three consecutive races, the start money will increase to $750.  At their fourth consecutive start of 2012, the team is guaranteed a minimum main event pay-out of $1,000, and will continue to receive $1,000 in start money for each consecutive race there after.

“The ‘SPEARS Frequent Flyer Program’ rewards those teams that are committed to the series. This is tremendous for our race teams, our host racetracks and most importantly our race fans. If there has ever been a time for the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series to move to the next level, the time is now.” Collins concluded.

For the past three seasons, the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series has had a program in place known as the “Bay BioDiesel Bonus”.  The program sponsored by Bay BioDiesel pays drivers a bonus for competing in two consecutive SPEARS Southwest Tour Series races, raising the start money from $450 to $600 for drivers on the program.  This program is still in place for 2012, and will be activated once a driver runs two consecutive races.  For a driver’s third consecutive race, the “SPEARS Frequent Flyer Program” kicks in, and the driver receives $750 in start money, followed by an increase to $1,000 for their fourth consecutive race, and each consecutive main event for the remainder of 2012.

The ten-race 2012 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series championship begins March 31st at Stockton 99 Speedway.

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About SPEARS MANUFACTURING: Spears Manufacturing is a world leader in plastic pipe fittings and valves.  SPEARS’ maintains over one million square feet of manufacturing facilities in four states and nine distribution centers across the USA for worldwide distribution.  For more information go to

About the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series:
Celebrating its twelfth season in 2012, the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series is a regional stock car series competing on paved ovals in the southwestern portion of the U.S. “The SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series…Where the Champions Race”

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